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Mortuary Electric Ceiling Body Hoist

Mortuary Electric Ceiling Body Hoist


This product is a top quality, dependable body lift used by funeral homes, morgues and hospitals worldwide. Engineered specifically for the funeral, morgue and hospital industry. The customised track systems offer more versatility in your prep room. 

  • 6 nylon lifting straps: these straps are used to raise and lower the remains or caskets, for preparation or dressing room use. They are made from the highest quality military grade webbing for extreme strength and longevity. The swivel hooks are effortless to use. Simply push the hook against the strap; the hook pops open and latches through the brass grommet on the body strap without pressing with your fingers. The straps wind up into the cover. Nothing hanging over valuable floor space. Choose from lengths of 25, 38, or 50 cm.
  • 3 body straps: these 91 x 7 cm slick white straps are rigid enough to slide effortlessly under the remains, yet flexible enough to hug the remains, thus preventing slippage. They are non-porous with a 0% moisture absorption, are resistant to strong acids. They also have a high chemical resistance. Impact and abrasion resistant, Brass grommet fittings are included on each strap.
  • 1 head sling: this flexible plastic-coated sling cradles the head, allows for the stable transfer of the remains’ features, slides off easily and wipes clean. Straps are adjustable to accommodate every case.
  • 3 casket straps: black nylon straps used to lift caskets, cots and gurneys and bodies over 182 kg. These adjustable length straps slide through the side bar of the casket, then over the top of the casket and through the other side bar. Eliminates exercise of ‘shimmying’, or trying to get under the casket.

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